“Our services collaborate with yours. “

We address to entrepreneurs who either want to create a new business or they need to upgrade their existing business or services. Our goal is optimizing your business services and your profit. In order to do so we specialize in a holistic approach that includes a wide range of services.  



“First things first. Organize, plan, act.”


Consulting (From start to finish)

Our team provides professional advice and immediate solutions to your business, through a strategic plan that will lead in growing your business. Our plan includes various issues from concept development and interior design development to assistance on financial information systems.


Concept development

We consider concept development a strategic parameter in order to achieve the public awareness about an idea in favor of your business to a target market.


One to one briefing 

Regular meetings are arranged between the entrepreneur or operator and the Chef Alsi Sinanaj so that both parts can work up close in order to analyze, assess and discuss continuously the suggested points to achieve the optimum result.


Economic Sustainability

We present to you various strategies you can adopt for the optimal use of existing resources, so that a credible and beneficial balance is achieved for your business on the long term.



“Time is of the essence.”



We deliver a menu of unique flavors designed to meet each client’s needs for any specific project. Our menu and recipes development services include: “Menu Research & Development”, “Recipe Documentation” and “Menu Costs/Pricing”.



We will attract and interview candidates and subsequently we will present you the most qualified among them, so as to make sure you get to have the most capable employees to help your business concept to meet its objectives. 


Supplies and suppliers 

We will get you in contact with food, fruits and beverage suppliers with the highest quality domestic and foreign products. We believe that a strong and reliable supply chain is vital for your business..


Staff Training & Monitoring 

We undertake to train and further educate the staff, as well as the continuous monitoring of restaurant’s progress. The training process gives you a prime opportunity to expand the basic knowledge of all employees. We also consider important the training of your current staff, so as to maximize their efficiency and to ensure that everyone is operating in line with corporate policy.


Private cheffing

Only upon request. Private cheffing brings the concept of catering to a whole other level. It’s a way more personalized approach to catering since we cook for you and your guests at your place of choice.



“Secure your standards.”


Follow up monitoring 

After the project completion we find it essential to have a follow up monitoring phase with regular visits in order to ensure the sustainability of your business.


Restaurant turnarounds 

We offer turnaround and growing profit consulting to those who need assistance in driving profits within their -once successful- existing restaurants and bars.